Reunion News Updates

September News

Well after months of planning and several meetings and lots of work the two days that back in January seemed so far away have suddenly come and gone. We hope that everyone had as much fun as we "the reunion staff" did.
Unofficial numbers for the 2 day were over 70 came to the chili supper, 56 came to the ball game, 40 came to the reception after the game and 45 came during the day at Camp Buck Toms on Saturday.
We will try to post a few pictures from the reunion in a couple of days.
In a few days we hope to have an opinion page that everyone can use to let us know what they thought of the reunion and to give us suggestions for the next reunion.

In a few days we will start working on the Reunion Booklet and we hope to have a set price by the first of October from the Printer. We will email or write to those that signed up for the book when we do hear from the Printer. We hope to have a few extra printed for those that may have forgot or didn't get a chance to sign up for one.
Please email a staff member if you are interested.
We also have a few of the RHS Band History in Pictures CD left if anyone would be interested they are $7.00.

The opinion page went on line Friday night (10th) and we are started posting pictures from the reunion Saturday night (11th). We want to thank everyone that has sent us their opinions of the reunion so far these will help us plan for the next reunion in 2 years. We hope the pictures of the reunion are down loading ok with the new thumbnail style pages, of course if you want to keep one just down load the picture and then right click and then pick "save as" and put them in the folder of your choosing.

Everyone that ordered a picture of everyone at the reunion should start receiving the soon if not already. We also had 4 extra prints made for anyone that wanted one but didn't get a chance to get it or maybe didn't have the money at the time, just let a reunion staff member know by email or mail or phone if you would like one they are $15.00 and we will take care of postage if needed.

October News

Sorry for the delay in updates but work and personal matters has kept us busy for the last few weeks.
The work on our Band Alumni Album and Index has been going slow but we are making headway, it's not easy with almost 500 names to work with. We are still hoping to have them done by the end of the year.
We still have some Reunion group pictures left and Band History CD's if anyone would like one let us know.
Thanks for everyone that has filled out the opinion form on the web page, the results so far show that everyone had a good time and that everyone would like to have a reunion every other year.

June 2005 News

Well here I am to update you on the Band Alumni Album and Index "ITS READY" yes I am telling you the truth, again I want to apologize for the long delay but after the holidays there was hospital stays and illnesses for the ones working on the index and some work related problems that came into play but after much work it's ready.
I do want to thank a third party person who helped with a major part of the typing her name is Kathy Human and when she saw I needed help she volunteered to finish up with the last several pages and she did it out of the goodness of her heart for no money out of the Alumni account.
Now if you would like an Index please let a Reunion Staff person know and we will get it to you, there will be very little cost as we keep it as simple as possible but to cover any mailing costs and paper and ink we are probley looking around $5.00 each.

One more bit of news to let you know preliminary plans have been made for next year so stay tuned into the web page for further and hopefully timelier updates.
We are also going to start sending emails to everyone or at least the people we have email addresses for in the next month or two.

October 2005 News

A preliminary date of September 22 has been set for our reunion next year, this will be the annual game between Rockwood and Harriman. Start making your plans and keep watching the web page for more updates.

February 2006 News

A set date of September 29th has been set for our reunion this year, this will be a game between Rockwood and Sweetwater. The change in dates was needed because of a scheduling conflict with the School. We hope that the change in dates doesn't cause any problems and cause anyone not to be able to attend. Keep making your plans and keep watching the web page for more updates.

March 2006 News

Our latest meeting went well with those attending agreeing on having a start time of 5:00pm and expanding the chili supper to include hot dogs.
The fellowship before and after the game will be at the First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall across the street from the Rockwood Junior High School, many of you will remember eating there when you were in school a few years ago.
Our next planning meeting will be April 10th place to be announced, we will be working on getting invitations ready to go out in the mail so be watching for yours.

May 2006 News

Invitations are out, we hope to hear from some of soon. Over 400 invitations were mailed but we still need word of mouth to maybe reach others still not on our list because we want everyone to know and have a chance to attend. Remember that you may also use our web page to let us know if you can come. More information to be coming, out next planning session will be in June.

September 2006 News

Replies are coming in slow but we still have two weeks before we need to turn in final numbers to the Church for their preparations. Our lost and file page has been updated with current names of Alumni coming, and don't forget that you can use the web page to tell us if you want to come just use the E-Form and send it to us.
If you have any items or mementos from your time in the Band bring them and share them during our time together.
More updates in a few days.

September 2006 News

Lost and Found page has been updated with several more replies and have had several Alumni that still live local say they're not sure yet. We hope to have several of the local Alumni show up so we can have a larger turn out than the first reunion.
This will be the last update til after the reunion, sorry the web page has not been updated as timely as needed but I have been building and now moving to a new house and will be with out an internet connection for a few days.
Can't wait to see you all this coming Friday.