Thanks for all the Memories.

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We want to thank everyone that took the time to come to our second reunion specially the one that came from other states such as Wyoming and other countries such as France.
We didn't get the turn out that we had wanted to have but the ones that came had a good time at both the supper before the football game and of course the football game, even though Rockwood lost and the outside temperature went a little lower than had been expected.
The time after the game lasted until 11 o'clock with more reminiscing and last good-byes before everyone had to leave.

With this reunion having about half the turnout of the first reunion it was everyone's thinking that another reunion would be good but not to happen until 5 or 10 years.
So with this in mind and to conserve any remaining funds the web page will at the end of the current server expiration will either be taken down or if possible go to a free server subscription which means you will see ads showing through out the pages.
So from the Reunion Staff we want to thank everyone for all the had work over the last few years and for the good times that we had together.
Reunion Staff Members

Rhonda Ratcliffe Potter
434 Dunbar Lane
Crossville, Tn. 38555

Robin Ratcliffe Wallace
489 Highway 70
Rockwood, Tn. 37854

Steve Hicks
100 S. Skyline Dr.
Rockwood, Tn. 37854

Gayle Collett Wyrick
408 White Oak Drive
Rockwood, Tn. 37854

Randy Hill
123 Delozier Lane
Rockwood, Tn. 37854

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